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This new model is based on the ability and conditions of learning for each student, by subject.  The (closed) ability profile established for each student is factored into the curriculum taught to the entire class providing for a broad spectrum of teaching methods and equal content exposure.  The tested results of the teaching efforts are then measured against the individual student profile providing an accurate achievement grade.  This circular model provides system integrity.

This model turns education upside down from the external demands of ‘standards’ to meeting the individual abilities of each student.  This model allows teachers to use various methods and experience to achieve effective learning.  Since information is so prolific, this model will require teaching students to think and use information.  The demands for learning the basics of reading, writing, math or any other subject will no longer be a goal but a basic requirement in meeting the depth of capabilities of each student.

With accurate accountability of learning, we will have accurate accountability of teaching efforts.  Having real accountability for learning and teaching fulfills the basic requirements of formal over informal education.

 A critical and underlying factor in this transformation is the value we place on ‘being educated’.  Our current system values the memorization of content, decreed by an expert in education, as proof of being educated.  This new method places the value of education directly on the individuals innate and cognitive abilities.  It is truly a ‘learner centered’ education methd.

Education experts have for decades been working on improving education and have made some strides.  Their work has been focused on that distance between the teacher and the student.  No consideration has ever been made concerning the ‘factory model’ that controls the entire system.  While there are several good teaching methods, none of them are sustainable or scalable because of the diversity, inconsistency, and non-student based ‘standards’ model.

We have the technology and proven science to place the student first in education.

Patrick G. Roers