Every person is born into this world with certain capabilities and capacities unique and sufficient to contribute too and sustain life. Education is only relevant when we can meet those fundamental and individual need

Our Philosophy

Inform parents and teachers on of the inability of abstract standards to serve as the guide for an education system requiring individuality.  Develop and establish a replacement for the current governing standards utilized by our K-12 education system.  

of the

United states



This organization was established to develop and disseminate a new method for K-12 education.  It is imperative that this patented method remain the one and only measurement for K-12.  The integrity of the software is imperative and should be monitored by a delegation of education professionals from each State.

Influential Board of Directors

Are you the kind of person that can resource people and assets for software development?  If so, we need your help to succeed.



Motivated person to change our outdated K-12 education system. Someone who can work with education and software professionals.

The one constant in life is CHANGE and yet it is the most difficult for people to deal with.  Our bodies, our minds, our life is one of constant change from birth to death.

Often told that you can't change education  for one reason or another; one only has to realize that anything we created, we can change.

I need the help of concerned citizens, teachers, and most of all parents who want to see a brighter future for their children.

We are all different and have access to all the information of the world, we need to teach future generations to think and use information rather than continue with our current 'factory model of education'.

Learn about this discovery and help find the human resources needed to change our human designed and outdated system.