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The greatest fortification of freedom is the liberal education of its supporters.  For over sixty years, that I am personally aware of, our education system has been declining in effectiveness.  The decline has a direct correlation with the increase in human contact because of war, expansion, transportation and technology.

We have always, and continue to look toward educators for the required transformational change.  Education is the only profession that formulates and teaches its own dictum.  Like any profession, the mindset of its members is key to its purpose.  A quote I used in my business consulting practice states: “You cannot solve a problem from the same mindset that created it” Albert Einstein.

There are three elements to any organization.  First is ‘what’ you do, second is ‘how’ you do it and third is the encompassing ‘model’ that gives purpose, structure and direction to the operation. 

Educators always look to the ‘what’ and ‘how’ for the change necessary with the belief that the model ‘equal education for all’ (factory model) exemplifies the essence of their purpose.  The problem is the word ‘equal’.  When education was limited to the mechanics of the 3Rs it was simple and equal, however, as the requirements for education broadened and we discovered that we are all different, effectiveness declined.

I have developed and patented a new model for K-12 utilizing all the disciplines that affect learning driven by AI technology.  The model places the individual student’s mindset of purpose and ability as the ruler to guide personal learning effectiveness.  It can be applied to public and all other education environments.

Changing the model affects every aspect of education providing for:

  • Individual learning accountability within public, private or home schooling.
  • Equal learning exposure for All students in All subjects.
  • Focus on student engagement rather than compliance.
  • Socioeconomic & ethnic transparency.
  • Accurate individual student progress assessment.
  • Accurate teacher effectiveness reports.
  • Eliminate competitive grading, class stigmas, and stress.
  • Nationally uniform model for K-12 education.
  • Eliminate Federal and State testing. (saving or re-directing 4 Billion dollars annually)